Fried Rice with Chopped Tomato Stew

by - Sunday, January 20, 2013

My first cooking video on my Youtube channel below; "Fried rice" -is one of my favourite dish to prepare. I love Fried rice so much I can actually eat it 7 days a week (weird right); the reason is because its one of the dishes I could easily put together without worrying about what goes in it, as long as it contains rice and seafood, trust me i'm in (lol). Enjoy...x


Easy cook basmati rice, sunflower or vegetable oil, tomato, mixed vegetables, king prawn, red onions, stock cube, soy sauce, thyme, curry powder, black pepper, seasonings and salt to taste

Copped Tomato stew:- Chopped tim tomato, red onion, stock cube, salt, sunflower or vegetable oil, raw chicken or beef

Music by:- Future Lovers

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