St Valentines day is Fast approaching

by - Tuesday, January 29, 2013

                              Valentines! Valentines! Valentines!

I can't believe its the end of January and February comes knocking; and there's only one thing on everyone's mind- Valentines!!!!!!

The day is fast approaching and I'm so excited, I know its only a normal day but I'm quite excited this year.
What are your plans for Valentines day? It falls on a thursday so I don't think alot of people will do much, but I'm quite looking forward to seeing a few bunches of flowers and chocolates flying around (lol). Are you the sort of person that doesn't believe in Valentines or do you just feel its the norm every year and the day comes and goes as every normal day?

Well why don't you try having a nice and quiet meal at home with your loved one instead of the hassle of getting a table booked at a restaurant, and you end up eating in an over-crowded environment! Trust me most women will love when a man does the woman's job by preparing a nice roast dinner (with the best red wine in a romantic candle lit room) to show her love; not just on Valentines but also once in a while. The saying "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach", the same saying applies to the woman. So men take note, YOU can do the cooking this time, play some nice love songs in the background and reflect on good times. Trust me, that will not only build good relationship moral, it will also help to get to know your partner better.. Ladies can also nudge their partners by giving them a rough idea of the perfect home stay Valentines they'll like this year...

Stay tuned to my youtube channel for Valentine meal Ideas this week.

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