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by - Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Happy Sunday everyone; I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful sunshine wherever you are? And if its not sunny where you are, don't worry I promise to post you a a little bit of sunshine by special delivery :-)

Okay you know that feeling when you visit a supermarket for your weekly or monthly grocery shopping and you end up spending a fortune; you unpack your shopping and end up saying "really, is this it???" I spent £100 on food shopping thinking my cupboard would be pack full of food but it just looks scanty.. Yes that feeling, trust me I experience it all the time. Infact I don't even bother visit supermarkets for my grocery shopping anymore, I get them delivered to my home address. I find that its easier for me to sit online and shop rather than visit the supermarket and wander about for ages and still end up forgetting one thing or the order.

Today's blog post is gonna be a bit long so grab a brew , pen and paper and happy reading..!!!
If you are all about saving money on food shopping then this post is for you. I visited 5 different food chain supermarkets to carry out my research and I have come to a conclusion that would shock you.. Here are the below cupboard essentials and their price comparison results.

Princes Tuna Chunks In Brine 4X160g

We all love our Tuna, What's a Tuna/Pasta bake without a Princes Tuna chunks in Brine, well note down the prices below and I'm sure by the end of this read, you'll change your mind about your favorite supermarket..
Supermarket Price Comments
Asda Buy 2 tins for £6 Amazing offer
Tesco A whopping £6 for one tin Shocking-I thought Tesco had one of the cheapest prices???
Sainsbury's £5 for one tin Didn't expect any less
Morrison A cheeky £4.99 for one tin, lets just say £5 Pathetic

Pink Lady Apples X 4
One of your 5/a day, Pink lady apples are the best.. I remember the days when I used to work at a M&S checkout, I used to always hide one of these at the back of the fridge (they run out in less than 4 hours of putting them in the fridge) to be able to purchase one later and get staff discount of course.

Supermarket Price Comments
Asda £2, Buy any 2 for £3 Amazing offer
Tesco N/A Tesco don't do Pink lady apples, how terrible
Sainsbury's £2.60 Didn't expect any less
Waitrose £2.60 Didn't expect any less
Ocado £2.60 Didn't expect any less

Ben & Jerry's Clever Cookies Ice-cream 500ml

Perfect for this summer, its tastes as good as the container looks, worth a try and you won't regret it. Its a bit on the pricey side though; for its size...
Supermarket Price Comments
Asda £2.50 I just love Asda
Tesco £4 Never shopping at Tesco again even if my life depended on it
Sainsbury's N/A Msheww
Waitrose £4.49, any 2 for £6 Sorry Asda is still cheaper
Ocado £4.49 Didn't expect any less

Tetley Blend of Both Tea- 80 tea bags

Gosh I'm such a tea lover, I have to have my brew everyday.. I don't care if its Summer, Autumn or Winter, I love my TEA.. lol ;-)
Supermarket Price Comments
Asda £1.50 Brilliant for a tea lover like me
Tesco £2.55 Never shopping at Tesco again even if my life depended on it
Sainsbury's £2.55 Oh Pls
Waitrose £2.55 Sorry Asda is still cheaper
Ocado £2.55 Didn't expect any less

I am absolutely mortified by Tesco's prices and it has made me feel very confident in my choice of sticking with Asda. I thought they were all about "saving money" and "every little helps"; well every little does not bloody help. And also their Clubcard is a waste of time and useless.. yes I said it, its useless. You spend £100 every month and you get a £1 voucher in the post 6 months after, come on Tesco what the hell do you think this is? Anyways rant over...
Sainsbury's on the other hand I kind of expected the price, I don't even go there for my food shopping. Their only benefit is their Nectar card that I use when I buy Petrol so I can save money on my next visit.
I also believe it is definitely worth shopping online as its easier, cheaper and more economical; and you get it all delivered to your door.
The best Supermarket to shop is ASDA, which is my very favourite store, they don't offer any store card or points card but their prices are way more cheaper than any other food chain supermarket.
I can go on and on and on by showing you your different food essentials but you'll be here till next year.

Tips of saving money whilst Shopping

The following Tips have helped me alot particularly in saving over £37 a month on Food shopping

  • First things first is to visit your kitchen with a notepad and a pen and write a list of what you need, this helps alot so you do not forget to buy what you actually need.
  • Shop online and not in stores- You save money on your journey to the store and you end up buying things you do not need when you visit the store. 
  • Be careful of BOGOF (Buy One get One Free) deals, the price of the 2 items could be what it was previously before the supermarket decided to put the item on Promotion
  • Visit Price comparison websites if you're shopping online. This way you are shown different prices of each item compare to other supermarkets.
  • Always save your shopping list in your favorites to keep a tab on what your essentials are.
  • More importantly check your receipt after shopping, you could be over-charged. Remember every penny counts.

Basically be wise when shopping

What am I trying to get at here?? Well that journey to the supermarket for your weekly/monthly shop to me is a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, its a nice day out for some who's got kids and just wanna get out of the house; but I'll rather take the kids to the park and make them walk around until they are super tired than take them on a jolly ride to a supermarket and end up spending double what you could be saving.  And I am definately going to be shopping online (At Asda of course)

Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

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  1. thanx for the post i neva knew tesco was so expensive and the problem is there is a tesco on every corner and you have to go out of your way to find an Asda but i will defo look to shopping online but the £5 delivery charge do you think it is worth it if you do not have an asda close by at all

    1. Toni Becks, ASDA's delivery charge is as little as £2.50 depending on the time of delivery and definitely worth it. They even offer amazing substitutes if the actual item your ordered is out of stock, they replace it with a better alternative.

  2. Thanks for the price comparison! I always pick up Ben and Jerry's when it's on offer!