Tilapia Fish Stew

by - Thursday, July 10, 2014

One of my favourite fish ever!!!! Tilapia Tilapia Tilapia, oh God how I absolutely love it..

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, today's menu is Tilapia Fish stew served with plain boiled rice; I know alot of Africans (Nigerians per say) love this particular specie of Fish as its most likely the easiest Fish to cook for a family. What makes mine special is the fact that I use palm oil to cook mine and not the traditional sunflower oil; well I kind of use both for my fish stew only because I'm extra lol.. :-)

Ingredients:- (serves 5)

Tilapia fish shown below
2 x Bell peppers
2 x Red or white onions
2 x Scotch bonnet- qty depends on level of spice
3 x Plum tomatoes or fresh tomatoes
100ml Palm oil
10ml Sunflower oil
Salt to taste
2 Stock cubes
All purpose seasoning to taste


As I get the clean frozen Tilapia fish in a pack, I don't need to do thorough cleaning again (thank God), I literally just soak it in water for about 10minutes to defrost, and then clean some of the leftover dirt around the Petoral fin. Once this is done, I season it with stock cubes and all purpose seasoning (please don't over season as you're still going to add seasoning to the stew). (I don't fry or grill my fish).Place a pot on low heat, add the palm oil and sunflower oil for 10 minutes on really low heat. Blend the plum tomatoes together with the onions, bell peppers and scotch bonnet together until very fine. Add to the oil, mix well together and add the other half of the seasoning. Leave to cook for about 15 minutes (on medium heat) until you start to see the oil residue on the top of the stew. Add the fish and leave to cook for a further 7 minutes. Please make sure the heat is not too high so as to avoid the fish tearing into pieces.. And voila there you have it... Let me know how you get on :-)

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