Club Sandwich- American Style

by - Saturday, August 02, 2014

Hey guys welcome back to my blog...!!! You know that feeling when you run out of what to make for the family for breakfast, well look no further. Below is a really easy and simple way of making American style Club Sandwich that tastes amazing. Trust me if you make this for your family, they'll make you the Sandwich chef of the family lol....
Absolutely no cooking needed..
As I've been getting a lot of support from my American followers on my Facebook page, I thought i'll make something that originates from (Newyork) USA. I still love all my other followers from different parts of the world though ;-)

OK Easy weasey, here you go:-

4pcs of slice bread
1 Tomato
5 slices of small Cucumbers
2 slices of cheddar cheese
4 slices of ham
3 slices of bacon

Cook up the bacon in a frying pan, no need for you to add any oil as the bacon contains alot of fat. Cook both sides until done and set aside. Toast the 4 slices of bread in a bread toaster, spread the mayonnaise on one slice of bread. Add the tomatoes and cucumber, add ham, cheddar cheese, and cover with one slice of bread (spread with mayonnaise) cover it faced down with the Mayo'd bread. Add the lettuce, a slice of bacon, spread mayo on another slice of bread. Add another slice of bacon, and finally add the last slice of toast spread with the Mayonnaise.

Get 4 toothpicks and pin the 4 edges of the club sandwich with it and cut the middle with a sharp knife, turn and cut the other side with the knife until you have 4 little triangles of sandwich. And there you have it, serve with Chips and Avocado or anything of your choice like a bed of salad, you can even add Ketchup, chilli sauce etc.. Trust me it tastes yummy guys :-)

Voila, easy right :-) Watch it on Youtube here:-

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