A Night with the SaladMaster Team

by - Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Welcome back Foodies, so I had the opportunity of working with a company called Saladmaster. They are based in all parts of the world (Asia, Africa, America, Europe); they are a health and nutrition company that helps you enjoy a healthier lifestyle by eliminating fats, oil and grease in your diet. They approached me and even made my family a 3 course meal. (How shamazing lol)

For starter we made a Sweet Salad containing cucumbers, carrots, parsnips, cabbage, apple (yes apple lol) lemon zest. What a combo right???? Its the best salad I have ever tasted,trust me and they also didn't add any cream or mayo and it tastes fantastico lol. I almost doubted if I wasn't a part of the cooking team :-)

For main they fried some chicken in one of their skillets without using any oils, water, salt, seasonings or any sort.. We also cooked some rice, potatoes, sweetcorn, peas and veggies to go with our main.

And finally my favorite of the 3 courses is the cake that we had for dessert, they baked the Chocolate cake on my hob (yes hob) and not in the oven (unbelievable).. If you don't believe, I suggest its best you watch the video below lol... The cake was layered with sliced apples, chocolate cake mix, carrots, courgettes, cucumber, radish, cabbage, celery.. It sounds gross but trust me it tasted super duper amazing, its unreal..

And guess what, I recorded a cooking video with the team below or you can use link https://youtu.be/bPohF0qHJv4:-

Pictures below, sorry about the quality I had to get the printscreen from my Youtube vidoe...enjoy..xxx

Now tell me we don't live in a world full of wonders lol; I know right????

They can be found at http://www.saladmaster.co.uk

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