Homemade Pancakes

by - Friday, August 21, 2015

Hi Foodies, I felt like pancakes this morning so I decided to make them. Happy Friday whoo hoo..

Here's what you'll need:-

2 eggs
half a cup of milk
2 cups of plain flour
sugar to taste (depending on preference)
pinch of salt to taste
half a teaspoon of dry pepper (to give it that kick)
half a tablespoon of olive oil
half a cup of melted butter
half a cup of water

hand mixer (optional)
egg whisk
frying pan
Mixing bowl


Add the melted butter into the mixing bowl, whisk the eggs and add into the bowl of butter and whisk together.
Now add the flour and mix together; add the water, salt, sugar, milk and pepper. Mix all together until fine and in watery form (do not add too much water, if not sure just add it bit by bit). Mix well and leave aside.

Heat the olive oil in your frying pan until really hot and gently pour the mixture in avoiding any spaces and bubbles.

Your pancake is ready.. Don't forget to make Pancakes on shrove Tuesday next year on February 9th 2016; it seems far away but it'll come just so soon.

My husband had his with ice-cream and a selection of fruits :-)

Thanks for reading and have a fab weekend..xxx

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