Ice-cream Flavours

by - Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hey Foodies welcome back to my blog; so its a nice sunny day in London today and all that can get me through the day is a pot of some nice flavoured ice-cream.

Now I'm not that much of an ice-cream fan but I feel like indulging myself, why not right lol.
And If there's one thing that I never run out of in my freezer; its definately Ice-cream. I buy it not just for myself but for guests most especially kids.

Check out my current favourite Ice-cream flavours below:-

Strawberry:- My number one favourite is Strawberry ice-cream topped with some nice strawberry falvour (berry on berry lol); sounds weird but I love it & trust me it tastes nice :-)

Vanilla:- I love vanilla ice-cream topped with some toffee topping yummmm

Chocolate:- I'm not much of a chocy fan; but you can never go wrong with some nice chocolate ice-cream.

When I was younger, I used to look forward to the Ice-cream van turn up in front of Stoke Newington park where my dad (bless his soul) would be standing with his agbada lol (Nigerian attire) waiting for me and my nieces and nephews so he can buy us whatever ice-cream we wanted; awww I miss those youngish days :-(. My favourite then was screwball, I super duper loved it... I think I loved it because of the bubble gum that is included at the bottom of the ice-cream & because my dad never allowed us to eat chewing gum..!!!!

My younger days Fav (screwball)

I also heard France has the best Ice-creams, how true is that???? I can't wait to visit again as the last time I went was when I was really young so I can't remember a thing

Lets know what you favourite Ice-cream flavours are

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