Top 5 Best Restaurants in the World

by - Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hey Foodies, If you're travelling the world and are looking to eat in one of the worlds best restaurants like a celeb; look no more. Here's the top 5 best restaurants in the world.

1. El celler de Can Roca- In top spot is the Roca brothers restaurant- El celler de Can Roca. The 55-seat contemporary restaurant is located in the hearts of Girona Spain.

A typical menu here costs about £500 and you could wait a whole year to get a table to book for a meal; yes a year (you heard that right).

The Roca brothers are raking in alot of money. Well done to them for still maintaining that number 1 top spot.

This picture is one of their signature dishes- looks like fish and a selection of tiny fruits.

2.Osteria Francescana- An Italian restaurant hits the number 2 spot with 20 years in the business, the restaurant is located in Modena's quiet back street and houses a series of striking modern artwork across several dinning spaces. The Sensations tasting menu experiments with local, seasonal ingredients to extraordinary effect. From snacks such as exquisite rabbit macaroons through eel ravioli to suckling pig with balsamic vinegar, dining at Osteria Francescana is an exploration of the region’s produce and traditions delivered in a supremely contemporary fashion.

3.Noma In 2014 Noma (a Scandinavian restaurant)in Copenhagan Denmark hit the number one spot of worlds best restaurant, unfortunately they have dropped 2 spaces. Dishes are in step with the seasons, such as milk curd and the first garlic of 2015; and the first green shoots of spring with a scallop marinade.
Owned by René Redzepi, he enjoys what he does best: playing with techniques such as fermenting and pickling for creations beyond most people’s eating perceptions. Their standout dish is  Sweet shrimps wrapped in ramson leaves.. I'll definately enjoy that one.

 4.Central- In fourth place is Central restaurant based in Peru. Chef Virgilio Martinez has taken Peruvian cuisine to a whole new extreme elevation. Central, which captured the top spot on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2014, takes diners on a vertical journey across Peru’s landscape, serving native ingredients sourced at various altitudes. The mountains, sea, desert and jungle are all represented as Central’s tasting menu travels from 25 metres below to 4,200 metres above sea level-

5. Eleven Madison Park- Based in the concrete jungle of New-York USA, Eleven Madison Park is known for its New Yorker twist on modern European dish. Co-owned by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, The pair believe in running the restaurant from both sides of the wall – the kitchen and the dining room – and the combination of chef Humm’s talent with Guidara’s front-of-house charisma makes for an unforgettable experience. Dishes are playful and often interactive – the ‘Name That Milk’ dessert comes as an ornate wooden box containing four bars of specially commissioned Mast Brothers chocolate, some pencils and a card with four animal drawings. Diners must taste each bar to determine which belongs to which animal: cow’s milk, sheep’s, goat’s or buffalo’s. Humm’s tasting menu focuses on New York’s rich agricultural bounty, but dishes are frequently adapted and tailored specifically for guests, who are each painstakingly researched by Guidara’s team to create the perfect bespoke experience.

Unfortunately UK is not top 5, but we still managed to earn ourselves the number 7 spot :-)

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