Vital item you cannot do without in your Kitchen (Food or Non Food)

by - Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy Weekend guys, hope you've had a good week?

As foodies, I know we all have that important kitchen item we cannot do without in our kitchens (food or non food).

Well mine is red onions; I absolutely cannot watch myself run out of red onions in my kitchen. If I run out, the corner shop is less than 2 minutes walk from me so I quickly run and get some.

And if they have no red and I have to settle for white onions, I always feel like my cooking will not taste as good. I've got special love for red onions as it gives a particular flavour to food.

I've always loved red onions since my teens, its kind of like an obsession lol.

Anyways, you guys know I love my pictures, so here is what a red onion looks like just incase you didn't know.

Image result for red onionImage result for wink smiley

Let me know what you cannot do without in your kitchen...!

See you in my next blog :-)

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