Are Robots taking over our Lives???

by - Tuesday, September 22, 2015

So I had a very lazy day the other day; I was tired after filming all day the previous day. I was super tired to cook and wondered if there'll come a time when robots can actually cook for humans lol.. When I tuned into BBC news, what I saw on TV  really shocked me.

I saw this newly invented teddy bear looking robot that could basically do everything, they are also doing most jobs such as carrying out tests in laboratories, factories and soon to be introduced in the NHS.

I have also heard of the google self driving cars designed to navigate safely through cities streets. They have sensors designed to detect objects as far as two football fields away in all directions including pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles or even fluttering plastic shopping bags and rogue birds.
The software processes all information to help the car safely navigate the road without getting tired or distracted, (Amazing)...

Here's what the car looks like

I've also heard that driverless cars have already being tested in Milton Keynes and Coventry for the first time.

Apparently the government wants the UK to become a world leader in driverless technology. The UK government promised a full review of current legislation by the summer of 2017 and will involve a rewrite of the Highway Code and adjustments to MOT test guidelines, potentially taking into account whether a higher standard of driving should be demanded of automated vehicles.

This looks like fun; I can't wait to get a ride in of these.

I won't be surprised this campaign will turnaround millions of pounds as it is already, we have our computers doing everything for us, so why not driverless cars?

Back to my laziness, Well who knows I could be the next genius to invent cooking robots that can make you a meal but the unfortunate thing is I didn't study Robotic Engineering lol. I know we have toasters that pop up by itself, and also microwaves can in some way cook our meals.
And also there was a Channel 4 series back in early summer called "humans", the series explores the emotional impact of the blurring of the lines between humans and machines. You can check it out on YouTube to catch up if you haven't seen it.

I need one of these robots to cook for me, when I'm having my lazy days :-)

The question is will robots change our lives in the future if they are already changing our lives in so many ways now?

I don't think robots will change our lives, I think they will expand them.

I want to know what you think..

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