Google has the best offices in the World

by - Friday, September 11, 2015

Reception area with giant Union flags

Central St Giles office development by Italian architect Renzo Piano

Happy Friday Foodies, the weekend is here yipeeee!!!!!!!.... So guys imagine going to work 5 times a week in an atmosphere as fun as google offices. Their new London headquarters is made up of 160,000 square foot development features cutting edge design that offers a decidedly quirky take on traditional office.

Their new headquarters occupies half of Central Saint Giles development near Tottenham court road over 5 floors.

Their offices looks like the kind of offices to promote creativity & innovation which fits right with Google. If you prefer a standard desk and white wall to stare at then this won't be your cup of tea.
 s like the kind of offices to promote creativity and innovation... Fits right in with Goole the
Take a look at the below pictures of their working environment, I mean who wouldn't want to work there.. OK Google employ me please..:-)

Their pub like "Velourmtious green snug room" where employees can just go and have a chilled relax moment on their phones.
'Velourmptious Snug' seating area

Take a look at their Library
'Lala Library' seating area

This "Hedge your Bets" secret garden is made for those who want to escape the office.. OK so this is super duper cool..
'Hedge Your Bets Secret Garden' on roof terrace

One of their meeting rooms- "The Padded cell"; wow how amazing...
'Padded Cells' meeting room

A "home working area",this is sooooo me, I love love love this..
'Home Working' office space

The hallway through to their "micro kitchen".
Hallway through to 'Micro Kitchen'

Look how big their "Market square cafeteria" is???
'Market Square' seating area

Nice right, I know.. hope you all have an amazing weekend :-)

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