The Mummy Life...!!!!

by - Monday, November 09, 2015

Hey Foodies, I haven't gone awol, I have just been busy being busy..

Mummy life is very hands on and extremely knackering but at the same time it is very amazing and by the time you know it, the day is over and the next day starts and so on and so on & the year is over.... whew!!!

However I have been a tad bit active on snapchat and on my YouTube though incase you wanna know what I'm up to; so visit my YouTube channel below and subscribe if you haven't already.

My snapchat is:- saiprojects

Now back to Food...So I made this dish the other day and thought to share with you all, It is Fried Yam Chips & Plantain with Scrambled eggs & sauce sounds alot right??
Well you need at least a jog round the block after eating this.

Recipe for this can be found on my Youtube page here:-

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