Christmas Meal Ideas

by - Thursday, December 03, 2015

There's only 22 more sleeps till Christmas and I'm sure we're all looking forward to spending it with our families and loved ones.

If you're like me and like to plan ahead, you should already have been thinking of what's on your menu for dinner this Christmas.

I've put a few easy recipes down to give you an idea of what you can possibly serve at your dinner this year.

  • The good ol Xmas turkey; there's no Christmas party without a nice juicy, moist bird. I have a video tutorial on how to season the best turkey here on my YouTube page:-
  • Swirl pieces of bread in a warm pot of oozy melted cheese & white wine.. Perfect for that cold winter day
  • Jollof Rice- If you're African, this will definitely be a "not miss" on your menu this Xmas- check out my recipe here-
  • Fried Rice- Same as above, its a must serve.
  • Assorted meat- No African party is complete without assorted meat. Here's a tutorial on it-
  • Macaroni cheese- My Xmas is not complete without a serving of mac n cheese by the side of my roast dinner
  • Ham is a perfect choice of main course if you're thinking of swapping the traditional turkey this year. Ham is great when glazed with a mix of spices.
  •  A good Salad with some nice dressing can never go wrong on your Xmas night.
  • To accompany the main meal; Brussel sprouts, carrots, parsnips, broccoli and cauliflower roasted with oil, garlic & pecans gives a perfect combination of sweet and crunchy.
  • Tender oven roast potatoes
  • For desserts- After an elaborate meal, you may want a simple finish. Try topping cake with honeyed orange slices (yum)
  • Chocolate Gateau- Christmas is the only season I'm not on a diet lol so I get to indulge with one of these. Trust me no Christmas  dinner is complete in my household without a chocolate gateau.
Now there's no Xmas party without beautiful décor and proper table setting.
Here's an example of an image I found online on table setting; if there's one area I need to Improve at, it'll be my table setting skills. I'm really trying but I like perfection so I guess I'll get there one day.

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