International Tea Day

by - Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Today 15th December 2015 is International Tea Day. It is a day observed since 2005. And since its also National Cupcake Day; so my day is absolutely complete :-)

International Tea Day aims to draw global attention of governments and citizens to the impact of the global tea trade on workers, small growers and consumers. The first International Tea Day was celebrated in New Delhi on 15 December 2005 and the second International Tea Day celebrations were held in Sri Lanka on 15 December 2006. The International Tea Day celebrations and the Global Tea Conferences preceding them were jointly organized by Trade Union movements. (source-wikipedia)

Growing up, drinking tea was reserved for my grandmother's visits which made it a strict and fascinating ritual. And now as an adult, I don't think I can go a day without having my cuppa in the morning. I'm so obsessed it unreal.

What is your favourite cup of tea?

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