Spice it Up- Must have Kitchen Spices

by - Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sundays are for spices, I love making Sunday dinner. It gives me a breath of fresh air, I feel really happy within me when I cook on Sundays as it gives me a fresh start to the week.

I love spicing up my dishes to give it that flavour & aroma it should have. Every foodie needs a well stocked spice cabinet in their Kitchen.

Here's a list of herbs, spices & seasonings I love-

Stock cubes- There's hardly any Afro-Caribbean cooked dish that doesn't require stock cubes. Its my go-to and I must not run out of them in my kitchen. It helps to enhance the natural flavours of your food.

Cayenne Pepper- Made from a small, spicy red pepper, this is the foundation of many bottled hot sauces. Used frequently in Afro- Caribbean ,Cajun and Indian recipes.

Thyme- This fragrant herb adds an amazing flavour to meat, poultry & veggies. It's popular in Afro-Caribbean, Mediterranean, Cajun and Creole cuisines.

Bay leaves- These aromatic, woodsy- tasting leaves are typically sold dried. Add whole bay leaves to rice such as Jollof rice, soups, stews, and marinades; always make sure you remove before serving.

Curry Powder- Up to 20 spices including coriander, cumin & tumeric can make up this popular Indian blend. The Madras variety has more heat & I cannot do without adding a bit of curry in majority of my dishes.

Ginger & Garlic- I love the intense taste ginger & garlic gives to dishes.

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