6 Things You Should Never Blend

by - Wednesday, January 06, 2016

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Hi Foodies, hope you're all enjoying the start of this New Year?

I have been busy trying to de-clutter alot of things in my life; I'm hoping if all goes well I'll share with you my readers :-) Trust me if feels so good to get rid of the unwanted in ones life. Its just a breath of fresh air..

Anyways back to today's blog post; here's a few blender no-noes that you probably weren't aware of.

Check out the 6 things that should never go in this versatile kitchen appliance.

  • Hot boiling liquid- Stop it right there, don't do it. Let your liquid cool down for at least 5 minutes before transferring it into your blender & fill the blender no more than halfway.

Also make sure to remove the stopper from the lid and let the heat escape, cover with a kitchen towel and start at the lowest setting to steer clear of any dangerous splashes.

  • Mashed Potatoes- This might come as a shocker for most people but the blades in a blender are too aggressive to process cooked potatoes which become gluey when overworked. Alot of Africans also use their blenders to make Pounded Yam, that's fine as the texture you need for the perfect Poundo is gluey. However use a gentler tool such as a potato ricer or food mill for the perfect mash
  • Anything Frozen Solid- Unless you have a high-powered commercial-grade blender that's up to the task, avoid using rock hard ice cubes or frozen fruits in your smoothies, as they'll wear the blade out quickly and your ice cold refreshing smoothie will probably not be worth the damage. It is important to thaw your frozen fruit about halfway before using.

  • Utensils- Sticking utensils in your blender is a bad habit that I'll also like to curb, however they do no good to the blade. It is easier to just detach the pitcher and give everything a stir before running the blender motor again.


  • Black Pepper:- Unless you want to tear gas yourself, this should be avoided at all cost. It is safer to stick with a good spice grinder or use a mortar and pestle. Pouring black pepper into the blender full of food causes the pepper dust to settle more slowly than you'd expect.

  • Finally Yourself:- I know it sounds silly but trust me even a still blade can cut your hand & I can testify to it. I have cut myself so many times my hands are probably used to the cuts lol. There's a better and safer way to clean those pesky corners beneath the blade.

Add a couple of drops of soap to your blender, fill about a third of the way with warm water and blend for 30 seconds to wipe out any leftovers, and voila you have a very clean blender :-)

I hope you've learnt a thing or two above :-)

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  1. Nice tips. But when I want to blend my fruits for smoothies I do pour hot water in blender for some minutes to kill germs before putting the fruits. Is it strictly a No-No?

    1. Thanks Bola, yes it is a No No....It is advisable to let your liquid cool down before pouring it in..