7 hacks to Declutter Your Life

by - Wednesday, January 13, 2016

When that New Year clock strikes; goals, reflections and resolutions start to kick in. We all do it and mostly by the end of February, we relax and get back to normal. Trust me I know the feeling.

One of my New Year goals (I do not like using the word resolution as it sounds very cliche)  is to re-organise my Life, and when I mean re-organise I mean try and be more organised.

I've been saying this for the last 3 years lol, but this time I'm actually very serious about it and I can share with you that its all going according to plan yayyyyy..

Here are the 7 top tips I've been trying since the start of this year to de-clutter & streamline my Life.

  1. If its broken, fix it or throw away- If you're like me that like to hoard items that are probably older than you yourself, then this message is for you. Never try and keep broken items if you're not able to fix it, it is clutter and junk and adds no good to your living space. If its not fixed within a week or if its something you cannot take to "The Antique Road Show" to sell then you probably don't need it. So throw it away.
  2. Nothing should be homeless- Give everything an assigned place; I find that when I leave things  hanging, especially in my kitchen, I can never seem to locate it. I can be a bit untidy but living with a very tidy man has nudged me a alot. So make sure to always secure a home for every item you own.
  3. Once you clean off a surface, keep it clutter free:- This probably applies to every mum lol; I find that when I clean my daughters room or even my kitchen; I end up dumping stuff on the already cleaned surface lol. Its a terrible habit so stop it now.
  4. Don't try to do it all in one day- You probably have a host of things on your to do list for the day and you feel if you don't accomplish all; your day would go to waste.   NO it won't; try and do things in your own pace. It might take you alot more time to complete but pace yourself and don't end up knackering yourself. This has helped me alot in the last few days; I set myself a target to sort out my daughters outgrown clothes, I know it will take me over a day to sort out due to my busy life. Even though I was up till midnight sorting them out, the result was a breath of fresh air. I arranged them according to style to make things easier for me. Her draw is now very well organised and I'm a proud mum 
  5. Small changes add up- As I said above pace yourself and don't try to do things all at once. If you are starting to re-organise things, doing them all in one go wouldn't help. It gets very daunting and tiring and you can easily give up. So try and do things in bits as small changes add up.
  6. If you buy organisational product, USE them- I recently bought myself a journal to note down specific appointments and events. It is also something I can refer to when I'm on the go, its super duper handy. Same goes to clothes and shoe hangers, or plates & cutlery drainers. Use these item as they can make an untidy area look tidy.
  7. Use the One-In-One-Out rule- For example you just bought yourself a new pair of jeans as your old favourite one is getting washed. Even though you super love the old one, don't KEEP it, donate it to the less fortunate or charity NOW. There's not point keeping something that you've had for so long. It is clutter and adds no value to your life, so get rid of it now.

Its okay if clutter creeps back in, don't worry nobody is perfect. I'm still learning and I hope you've picked up a thing or 2 from my post above. 

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