Crab Imoyo

by - Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hey Foodies,

I'm sharing a family recipe with all my readers today... Its a dish that I can never get tired of; it brings a big smile to my face when I make it particularly as its a recipe I learnt from my mum.

The fact that I love seafood really helps alot, I can almost eat seafood on a daily basis :-)

This recipe is so easy and can also be made using any type of Fish..

The important part of this dish is the Yellow Eba that it is served with; the Imoyo almost looks like pepper soup but not quite.
Again its so easy yet extremely tasty :-)


1 Large Crab
1 Lime
Vegetable oil
Dry Pepper- 3 tablespoons or more depending on your level of spice
Salt to taste
Half a teaspoon of all purpose seasoning
1 stock cube
About half a litre of water

For the Eba you'll need

3 tablespoons of palm oil
Some of the crab stock


Clean the crab well and remove the gills & separate the claws and place in a clean bowl. Now add water into your saucepan, place the crabs in the pan and add all the seasonings and dry pepper. Squeeze in the lime, stir and leave to boil for approximately 25 to 30 minutes.

For the Eba- Whilst the crab is boiling, remember you'll need the crab stock for your Eba. Take some of the crab stock and place in another pot.

Leave the crab stock to boil for few minutes, add 3 table spoons of palm oil and stir to your preference.
Now add your garri and mix well like you make Eba normally until done.

Serve and Enjoy :-)

Also watch the video at the top of this post..

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