National Breakfast Week- Friday

by - Friday, January 29, 2016


Today we're celebrating the traditional Russian Breakfast.

Russia has its own ideas about how and what to eat. Russian people like to eat home-cooked food, and rarely buy prepared meals at supermarkets. Usually Russians eat three times a day and prefer potatoes, which are eaten almost daily.
The three meals of the day in Russia are zavtrakobed and uzhin. With the exception of zavtrak, there are no exact English translations for these daily meals. For example, the second meal,obed, is served around 2 p.m. and can be called either "lunch" or "dinner" in English. The third meal, uzhin, is served after 6 p.m. and can called either "dinner" or "supper".

Russians usually have an early breakfast at about seven or eight in the morning right before leaving to work. It is very common for Russian families to have kasha (a type of porridge made from different grains), butterbrots (a kind of sandwich made of a single slice of bread and one topping such as butter or ham), boiled or fried eggs, tvorog (similar to cottage cheese) or cereal for breakfast. Coffee or tea is an essential drink for many Russians. Many people eat a toast with cheese and drink juice for breakfast

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