National Breakfast Week- Saturday

by - Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy Weekend Foodies; so its the end of National Breakfast Week today. Its been an awesome week featuring alot of countries Breakfast menus on the blog.

Today I'll be featuring a traditional german breakfast on the blog.

A typical breakfast in Germany consists of a warm beverage such as coffee, tea or cocoa, bread (Brot) or bread rolls(Brötchen) with various spreads and toppings such as Butter (butter) or Margarine (margarine), Marmelade (marmalade or other jam), Honig (honey), Quark (a type of curd cheese), Wurst (sausage) and Käse (cheese). A glass of juice (Saft) is also commonplace as is a boiled egg (Ei). Cereals are also popular, particularly among younger people. Müsli, which is a mixture of cereal flakes, nuts and dried fruit and other ingredients is also very popular. It is mixed with Joghurt (yogurt) or Milch (milk) and often topped with fresh fruit (Obst).

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If you are a reader, what country are you from and what is your favourite thing to eat in the morning?

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