Why I Love My Freezer..!!

by - Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Freezer (chest) is basically my main store cupboard reserve. Its big enough to supply my family of 3.

I love frozen food for so many reasons as much as I love my food fresh.
For one main reason, it means less waste. Like so many of us, I work to a weekly/monthly budget and can't bear to throw anything away. My husband usually does a clear out in my freezer and sometimes finds that I have so many junk worth throwing away in there. I just cannot bring myself to chuck food away, after all its been in the freezer and as far as I'm concerned, its preserved.

Using frozen food, whether bought or homemade, enables me to use only what I actually need. It allows me to grab a healthy and nutritious meal at short notice- often stored away months in advance.

(Not the tidiest freezer for now, but I'm getting there lol..)

Now that I have a child, I appreciate how economical frozen food is and I especially like that it's often fresher than fresh food.

I also like that frozen food being so often frozen at source, gives me access to treats I usually get to savour sometimes.

Freezing Food to preserve requires no nasty artificial preservatives or extra sugar and salt. The cold does a fine job of preserving on its own, which makes me feel very happy about feeding my family frozen food, especially now that I have started weaning my little girl, life has been nothing but extremely easy for me when I make her food and get to store them in little pods for future use.

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