Amazing ways to use Coca-Cola

by - Thursday, March 10, 2016

Growing up as a child, Coca-Cola was probably one of my most favourite things to consume. As bad as it is for you; I don't think I have ever come across anyone that hasn't tasted it.

It is so addicting, you almost don't stop drinking once you pop.

Coca-Cola is drunk by millions around the world on a daily basis. But did you know that the beverage has other uses as well? 

You are PROBABLY going to be a bit shocked to see what it is being used for, and also most LIKELY going to be put off if you're a Coca-Cola lover like me :-)

Toilet Cleaner- Can you actually believe that your favourite drink contains agents that helps clean your toilet??? 
Pour come Coke into a bowl and leave in there for an hour. The carbonate in the drink removes grime, leaving your toilet sparkling clean.

Removes blood stains- Now this one scared the hell out of me :-( 
Coca-Cola can be used to remove blood stains, infact some claim that it is used as a cleaning agent at crime scenes. Now that is just bizarre :(
image source-wikihow

Improves your Compost PileAccelerate the decaying process of the compost pile by pouring a can of Coke over it. The sugar will feed the beneficial micro-organisms that break down the organic matter.

Shine up your old coins- If you're a coins collector like my Nan, you'll love this. Pour a can of Coke in a glass, add your coins & watch the tarnish dissolve in front of your eyes. Your old coins will come out looking sparkling clean like they just got printed.

Curl Your Hair- Now this is one I'll never try; I can't stand my hair sticky so I won't attempt this, however as crazy as it sounds, you can curl your hair with Coca-Cola. Just pour in your hair, let it sit for few minutes and rinse it off for that amazing curl.

Skin Glowing AgentTake a tablespoon of Coca-Cola, mix it with your daily lotion and apply liberally to get glowing skin.

Remove Chewing Gum- Now It would be very interesting to try this.  Just incase you end up with some gum in your hair, no need to cut that strand or strands of hair, just pour some coke over it and let it sit for a few minutes, the gum will come off easily.

Car Battery Cleaner- The thought of this actually cringes me. You can actually use Coca-Cola to clean corroded car battery terminals as it contains carbonic & phosphoric acids.

Cleans Burnt Utensils- I can testify to this one as I do it all the time. If you've got Pots and pans covered in burnt food? No worries, simply give them an overnight Coke bath and then scrub in the morning. You are good to go.

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