World Water Day- March 22nd 2016

by - Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Today 22nd March 2016, is World Water Day.

While we concern ourselves trying to remember our eight glasses, could you imagine waking up and finding that you don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water?

Or how about knowing that every time you drink water there’s a chance that it may make you seriously unwell?

Fortunately not many of us have experienced this but, according to the UN, 783 million people around the world still lack access to clean water, and millions who work in water related industries do not have their rights protected. (source UN)

World Water Day is part of a global mission to get safer water for all. There is a theme for it this year which is  water and jobs. And the aim is to raise awareness on how clean water can change the lives of workers, and even transform entire societies and economies.

It’s a day for people to learn, get involved and take action. This is the 23rd year, and it’s organised by UN Water.

The United Nations organisation sets a theme each year.

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