Fast Foods You Should Never Order

by - Wednesday, April 06, 2016

GOOD MONDAY MORNING Foodies, Hope you all had a nice weekend & gearing yourself to the start of a new week?

Now according to staffs at fast food restaurants, there are some food that you should never even bother to order  and the facts behind them.

Fast food workers have also revealed the meals you should never order from the restaurants they work in, as well as their tips and tricks for ensuring your dinner arrives fresh

Check them out below:-

Petrol Station Slurpees/ Milkshake- I remember when I was pregnant; I was told by the Midwives not to have any Milkshake or Slupees from Fast Food joints as they only clean the machine once a month (atrocious), The inside of the machine is filled with frozen sugar, so imagine how hard to clean this will be.

Egg McMuffin/ Bagel-Don't order anything containing eggs from a fast food joint. For starters, they are not actually eggs, they are powdered and reconstituted. 

One worker from Subway said that the "oven roasted chicken" they sold in their sub rolls was actually "boiled in the microwave".

While another advised people not to order the footlong flatbread meatball sub. However they didn't give a reason why.

A former Starbucks employee claimed that the coffee chain's food is basically just "reheated frozen food", before adding: "It's just not fresh at all and incredibly overpriced."

A former McDonald's worker in Canada said that the grilled chicken and filet o fish meals could be sat on the side for a long time.

Another guy added that people should refrain from ordering "small pizzas" from restaurants. 
"They're such a pain to make right. If the dough is warm, they tear. If the dough is cold, you can't do sh*t. On top of that, it's a huge waste of your money,
SO I guess we have to be really careful when planning on eating out lol. 

Hope the above information helps one or two people out there?

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