National Banana Day- April 15th 2016

by - Friday, April 15, 2016

Good Morning Foodies, hope you're all looking forward to the weekend? Today April 15th is National Banana Day.

What is the most popular fruit in the United States? It’s eaten in more quantities than oranges and apples put together. It’s a fruit so beloved it’s sent here from thousands of miles away.
Give up? It’s the BANANA...
“The banana is by far the most popular fruit worldwide.We consume about 25 pounds of bananas per person per year,” it is also the cheapest fruit in the supermarket even though it’s very perishable and imported great distances.” Also, the banana has been around for a very long time. “People have been growing bananas for about 10,000 years, which puts us right back in the dawn of organized agriculture. It’s the oldest cultivated fruit.”

As we celebrate National Banana day, make sure you pick up a banana or 2 and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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