Restaurant Review- Creames

by - Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Fridayyyyyyyy :-)

Yes. another Restaurant review, this time it is for desserts.

Creams recently opened in Luton, only just over a week ago and as a Foodie, I cannot not pop in to give my verdict.

They are an American style diner that do Pancakes, Crepes, Coffees, Sundaes, Milkshakes, Ice-creams and pretty much all desserts.

So here's my verdict below:-

Ambiance- Its brand new, so everything looked sparkling and shiny which is good for me.
It also didn't take long to find us a table that suits us when we arrived as I had a buggy and it was 3 of us including my hubby & my baby.
Location- Located in the centre of Luton Town centre, so easily accessible  and very eye catchy for passer bys.
Hospitality- Absolutely amazing, majority of the staffs were Students from the local University which makes alot of sense. Very diverse atmosphere as well.
Food- I am not much of a dessert person but I rate their food 99.8%, I absolutely enjoyed it, the food came about 5 minutes after ordering, very nice and great temperature of food.
Price- Very reasonably priced, the only thing that came across a bit too pricey is their Milkshakes as its actually more expensive than the food; but trust me the shake is absolutely perfect.

Hubby ordered the Strawberry n Butterscotch below and cost £5.50 which is not bad at all

I went for the Chocolate & Fresh Strawberry Indulgence, cost was £4.95- which is the crepe. The taste is to die for, I enjoyed it and so did my lil girl.

This Milkshake was to die for lol; it tasted absolutely perfect; to be honest I don't think I've ever tasted none like it. It blends very well, not too thick, not too runny but a bit on the pricey side. We paid over £5 for this glass, which costs more than the actually food itself.

As you can see we finished it all to the last bite.

They also provided a high chair for my lil girl which was really handy :-)

In total we spent less than £17 which is not bad at all.

I'll have to review this restaurant again in another year to see if they keep up with their appearance and awesomeness :-)

Thanks for having us Creams, we shall be abck again real soon :-)

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