Restaurant Review- Leicester Arms (Sizzling Pubs)

by - Monday, April 18, 2016

Its been a minute since I did restaurant reviews.

I went out for lunch with my colleagues as its Friday after a really busy few days. Trust me I was so looking forward to a nice work lunch that I didn't have breakfast at all so my stomach can accommodate the big meal.

Lets get straight to it.

Ambiance- The Ambiance looked ok, bear in mind I got there around 12.30pm (so lunch time), it was pretty quiet with just a few people around. The chairs and tables looked well laid out.

Ok lets talk about the important stuff- THE FOOD..

Oh God where do I start from?

Presentation- zero 0%
Food- 45% and that's me being nice.
Hospitality- 85%, I gave this a high score as the waitresses were nice and they even agreed that the food there is crap.

My verdict below:-

I ordered Grilled chicken breast with a half rack of pork ribs served on a bed of sizzling onions with grilled beef tomato and house seasoned fries. They made this sound so amazing that I couldn't but order it.

Please see what I got in the picture below :-(

  • Tomato- Now I'm not sure what I was served, but tomatoes are meant to be orange and not green. And as you can see in my picture below, the tomato is nothing to write home about. I basically got an unripe green tomato placed on a grill for 2 seconds and served on my plate (pathetic).
  • Rack of ribs- anorexic looking ribs with absolutely no meat on, just bones
  • Chips- blah, at least that seems to be the only thing I enjoyed 
  • Onions- overcooked & soggy with a bland taste
  • Char grilled chicken breast- well over cooked & too chewy.

My colleague ordered the Macaroni cheese with chargrilled garlic bread. Now  as you can see from the picture below, she got a side salad as an option as they had ran out of garlic bread. ( on a Friday Lunch time).

I paid £8.94 below including a glass of coke and my colleague paid around the same price including a pint of Stella.

Didn't really enjoy my time there, so sorry Leicester arms but you'll have to impress me before I can rate you high lol.

Have a great start to the week guys :-)

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