Breakfast Wrap

by - Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hey Foodies,

So I've been making alot of these lately as my lil girl seems to love it; its quite similar to the Mcdonald's breakfast except that I added my own lil touch to it :-)

This is a very easy breakfast idea for days where you've ran out of what to eat..


Tortilla Wrap- I used plain white
1 Egg
Some mixed red, yellow, green peppers
Some Onions- Red or White
A tiny piece of scotch bonnet- optional
A sprinkle of Black Pepper
Oven baked Fish fingers
Half a teaspoon of Ketchup
Half a teaspoon of salad cream
Pinch of Salt
Half a teaspoon of Olive/Vegetable or Sunflower Oil


Break the eggs in a frying pan as you would to make a sunny side up egg; sprinkle the peppers, onions, add the salt and fry both sides until well done or until prefered. Leave in a separate plate to cool down for a minute.

Now place the tortilla wrap on a flat plate, squeeze ketchup & salad cream and distribute evenly, slice in the egg and place the fish fingers on top.

Fold the wrap as per the below or as prefered.. Enjoy with a cup of tea or any drink of your choice :-)

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