National Liver and Onion Day- May 10th 2016

by - Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Today May 10th is National Liver and Onion Day.. Liver and onions is a favorite in the UK and in Germany, where it is usually eaten along with boiled or mashed potatoes. Lamb’s liver is the usual choice in the UK and is often accompanied by fried bacon. In the French traditional recipe the liver is fried with butter and lard. 
In Catalan cuisine olive oil is used, instead of butter, and fried garlic is added to the mixture.

Whereas in the USA, liver and onions as a dish once enjoyed widespread popularity and could usually be found at family diners and American home-style restaurants. This meal is currently more common to the cuisines of the southern and upper mid-western style foods.-

A brief history about National Liver & Onion Day-

On this day 1566 Leonhard Fuchs died. He was a German botanist who compiled the first modern, organized listing of plants and botanical terms, ‘Historia Stirpium’ in 1542. The plant and the color fuchsia were named for him. 1818 Paul Revere died. A silversmith and American Revolutionary folk hero, he also made surgical instruments and false teeth.

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