7 Things every girl must do before going to Bed

by - Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Happy Tuesday, this month is going by so quickly I feel like we haven't had a summer :-)

Getting a good night's sleep is important for your mood, your energy levels, and your overall health. It's also dependent on what you do during the day—how much physical activity you get, what you eat and drink, and how mentally stimulated you are—especially in the hours before you crawl into bed.

"When people suffer from insomnia or other sleep issues, it's often because of something they're doing, probably unintentionally, when they should be preparing for rest,"

Here are some of the things you need to be doing as ladies before you go to sleep :-)

Wipe off your make-up- Going to bed with your make-up on is a surprisingly bad thing to do, It might not seem like a huge deal but trust me it is. Sleeping in your make-up increases the risk of breakouts because your products will clog your pores. And also as you go through your day, your face picks up debris & bacteria that need to be removed as well. So when all that gunk transfers to your pillowcase, you have the same issues the next night even if you do remove your make-up.

Use a facial Cleanser-Once you remove your makeup, use a facial cleanser to remove any dead skin, dirt and sweat. Facial cleansers are different than soap, so buy a product designed specifically for cleansing the delicate skin on your face. Pick a facial cleanser that’s right for your skin type.

Brush your teeth- Poor dental hygiene can have a negative impact on your overall health. Gum disease can also lead to heart disease if you are not careful so it is really important to brush your teeth before going to bed.

Moisturize all over- Moisturising all over your body before you go to bed helps the product/moisturiser to soak into your skin and works like magic. If you've got dry skin, it can be really tight and itchy preventing you from a good nights sleep; so its important to moisturise before going to bed.

Wear your hair down- I'm actually a rebel to this as I prefer to wear my hair in a pony tail with a scarf tied before bed. Experts also say that as your move around, all the elastics can tear & damage your tresses.

Drink a glass of water- Water is very essential to a healthy body & when you sleep, you go several hours without hydration. By drinking a glass of water before bed, you boost your intake and protect your body while you sleep. 
Keep the stress aside- When lying down to sleep try to thrash away all the worries, tensions and work that you faced the entire day such as trying to study and learn, chasing after kids, seeking from appreciation from the boss or trying to seem appealing to your respected man. At that point of the night all that needs to be done is, setting everything aside and enjoying the particular moment you’re breathing in to achieve peace and tranquility. Ladies, trust me on this if you practice this every night you’ll thank me once you wake up because you’ll have such a sound sleep by letting lose off all the things that bring distress to your life and those which provoke you to think. :-)

Have a good week...

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