Natural Remedies to Help The Immune System

by - Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The immune system, as its name suggests, is the sum of the functions of different organs and glands, which work together in order to keep the body in balance. For this often only one remedy does not allow thoughts during the flu season. But by adopting an appropriate lifestyle you can reduce the recurrence of infections and feel stronger throughout the year.

The help of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is used by many for years also in order to strengthen the immune system. Hiring the remedies recommended by a homeopathic doctor would be the best thing, because he will indicate the most suitable substances for the individual case and the needs of everyone. The treatment can be more or less long, also depending on the state of the defences of each patient.


The stimulation of the reflex points on the foot may be appropriate in order to rebalance the body. Indeed, with it is possible to act on the glands and also on the intestine, which acts properly protecting the body only in the event that is in equilibrium and full functions regime.Anche in this case some sessions to get results and, you will be needed to keep them, it will be advisable to redo every once in a meeting with the reflexologist

The Use of Spices

Even the use of some spices can help stimulate the body and its defenses. One of these is definitely
ginger, which in addition to allowing the prevention, is also very useful in cases where they contract either a cold or it feels congestionati.Allo same way, also the nutmeg is very useful, as indicated as natural antiviral. The preparations may be added to foods, but if used as a remedy, should be measured by a herbalist.

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