Most Dangerous Areas of the Body to carry Fat

by - Thursday, March 16, 2017

As women, most of us have an area of our body where we wish excess fat can actually distribute; such as our boobs or buttocks. But sadly, it never seems to be those wonderful parts of our bodies.

Research recently looked into which areas of the body are the most concerning and the most dangerous to carry fat, and they found that the stomach area is the most problematic :-(

This is an area most women including myself struggle with to lose the fat. I have been trying to eat well and exercise few times a week but I still feel like losing my belly fat is a big struggle.

Studies reveal that excess weight around the midsection of your body is usually what is called visceral fat, which gathers around the body's organs. This differs to subcutaneous fat - the less worrying kind - which lies just under the skin.

The fact that fat on the belly tends to be visceral, means it can "increase inflammation in the body, leading to Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol."

Note-Not all fat around the abdomen is visceral, however you can work out whether it's visceral or subcutaneous quite easily, simply by lying down. 
"If you lie on your back, and your fat doesn't stick up, it's probably just under the skin," "If it sort of sticks up and looks like you're pregnant, then it's likely visceral."

Not all bad news lol, studies have also revealed that the stuff located around the thighs and bum is much less worrying. Infact, it can be a good thing If you carry more fat in your bum and thigh area that is actually associated with better health, lower risk of cardiac disease or diabetes, so a lot of Women should be happy about fat or excess fat on their thighs, it keeps us really healthy so makes me feel alot better lol :-)

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