National Wine Day- May 25th 2017

by - Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hi Foodies, today May 25th is National Wine day, let us drink a glass or 2 to celebrate this glorious day :-)

It is also a day is a day to reminisce with family and friends over a glass of wine” and to sample a wine variety you have never had before.

Five fun facts

  • The longest recorded champagne cork flight was 177 feet and 9 inches, four feet from level ground at Woodbury Vineyards in New York State.
  • Thomas Jefferson helped stock the wine cellars of the first five U.S. presidents and was very partial to fine Bordeaux and Madeira.
  • The Irish believe that fairies are extremely fond of good wine.
  • Chilling tones down the sweetness of wine. If a red wine becomes too warm, it may lose some of its fruity flavor.
  • Foot treading of grapes is still used in producing a small quantity of the best port wines.

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