National French Fries Day- July 13th 2017

by - Thursday, July 13, 2017

There's nothing like a good plate of French Fries, or Chips as we British people refer it. Serve with some ketchup, brown sauce or even a splash of

According to Foodimentary, here are five fun food facts about French Fries:-

  • French fries are, perhaps, poorly-named, since they originate in Belgium and are most popular in America.
  • In England these are referred to as “chips”
  • Though French fries were invented in Europe, the potatoes, from which they are made, originated in the Americas and were imported.
  • Leaving the potato skin on French fries actually leaves in important vitamins that are lost if the skins are peeled away.
  • The first occurrence of French fries in America may have been at a diplomatic dinner hosted by Thomas Jefferson.

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