World Chocolate Day- July 7th 2017

by - Friday, July 07, 2017

World Chocolate Day, sometimes referred to as International Chocolate Day,is an observance that occurs globally every year on July 7.Celebration of the day includes the consumption of chocolate. It has been stated that 7 July 2016 marks 466 years since chocolate was introduced to Europe.
As the United States celebrate International Chocolate Day on 13 September, Chocolate Ice-cream Day is observed on 7 July. Various other more specific chocolate-themed days are celebrated throughout the world and on various dates, including Milk Chocolate Day on 28 July.

World Chocolate Day: 8 facts about chocolate to celebrate

1. The American Milton S. Hershey was born on the 11th of September, he founded the Hershey Chocolate Company. On his birthday we celebrate World Chocolate Day.
2. World Chocolate Day is celebrated two times a year. The second time is on the 7th of July. On this day hundreds of years ago chocolate was first introduced in Europe.
3. You will not get addicted to chocolate that easily, even though it almost “seems” irresistible. You can only get addicted if you eat 25 kilos of dark chocolate a day! Addictiveness stems from the main ingredient of chocolate: cocoa. Dark chocolate contains 75% of cocoa.

4. Every day, people in The Netherlands consume a million chocolate-sprinkled bread slices.
5. Chocolate contains the same substances produced by your body.
6. The Swiss are the biggest consumers of chocolate in the world at 11,4 kg per person per year.
7. White chocolate is not technically chocolate because it contains no cocoa.
8. World’s largest chocolate bar weighed 5,792 kilos. source-

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