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OK guys so for everyone participating in the exchange of gifts or Secret Santa as its traditionally called; you probably always find yourself in this same situation every year when the work christmas party is approaching and you have decided again, 10 years in a row to take part in secret santa.

So what exactly is Secret Santa just incase you don't know???? Here's a brief definition from google

"an arrangement in which a group of friends or colleagues exchange Christmas presents anonymously, each member of the group being assigned another member for whom to provide a small gift, typically costing no more than a set amount."

Not only is this fun; this also gives you the opportunity to receive and give pressies and keep them under the tree for that exciting time of xmas morning.. I particularly enjoy partaking in secret santa, it's an exciting time for me to see what people end up getting me. Fingers crossed, I've always been quite lucky to get lots of nice handy stuff...

Now there's always a budget of a maximum of either £5 or £10, so I have been doing alot of research for you guys as I always do 😉 and I have put together a list of great Secret Santa ideas for you to be able to buy within the budget and not having to break the bank.

What I tend to do first is get the person a gift based on a little bit I know about them so here are a few categories that'll help you determine what to get them.

College/University students
Workout addicts
Make up lovers
Foodies like me 😄
Coffee/Tea addicts etc
Writer/Researcher just like me; just incase you don't know, I love to write and hate to read lol 😄

Here are a few gift ideas under £5 or $5

Small Whittard Gift Box with Ribbon- £4.51

Perfect for anyone that loves wrapping.. Whether you’re the sort who goes for ribbon, pom-poms and hand-printed paper or more of the ‘quick bit of sticky-tape’ type, this elegant Whittard gift boxes are sure to add a dash of panache

available on

Non stick saucepan for a whopping £1 from poundland, I mean it can't get better than this.. This is perfect for a foodie like me but not many people in the office might be too keen on this, but hey ho great idea. available on:-

My number one go to place for the perfect affordable secret santa idea is Asda, I mean they do the best in gift ideas with great value for money. Walmart in the case of you Americans :-)
Have a look:-

All these for an amazing £5 or less available at

Santa claus Mug-£3 from Asda again lol
Milk chocolate Lipsticks- These sweet and tasty replicates of lipsticks from will be very appreciated by your secret santee in the office.
An ideal alternative to a traditional box of chocolates and for beauty-loving colleagues, who will revel in the combination of their two favourite things.
Bottle of Wine (Any) or Prosecco £5

I love sharing posts like this, so let me know in the comment section if any of these were helpful, and also what you got for secret santa and vice versa.

Have a lovely Christmas and a successful Secret Santa shopping :-)


***I do not own any of the above images, they were downloaded from various sites***

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